Correspondent Message
Director's Message to the Parents, Guardians and Students




"Real Education Enhances the duty of a human being and increases his or her self respect".

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

Dear Parents, Students and Guardians choosing the right school is an exciting moment in every student's life; Our School St.THOMAS ACADEMY (CBSE) is place where, your children will grow in all the way possible, with fuller knowledge talents and skills. Our school community known as STA Family, provides a safe environment in which your children are academically successful and spiritually nourished in order that they become well educated with strong religious christian values. As a parent you become a responsible in providing food,clothes,shelter and expenses for their education and avail your children better education. This enables your child content and happy all through their school age. you also need to create an atmosphere to your children to have a better physical, mental emotional and spiritual needs which may pave the way for them to have self-confidence and self-esteem. Any ill feeling in the family will have a negative impact on the growth of your children. So let you create a friendly and lovely atmosphere in home and give valuable time to your children in leaving and growing with future knowledge. And to you my students, our St.THOMAS ACADEMY (CBSE) is the place of the source knowledge where you are being planted with good seeds in the good soil, and your teachers are the care takers of the plants (students) to make you grow in order that you yield a good fruit and your duty is to nourish yourself with all your skills, and talents. You also to follow certain values and ethics:

  • Aim Higher In Your Life
  • March towards your Aim and Goal
  • Have Self-Confidence
  • Never under estimate yourself
  • Believe in your self
  • Spend your time in learning and knowing new things
  • Do not waste your time in doing unwanted things
  • Make your own time table everyday
  • Do your duties everyday
  • with all these values you will be pupil of knowledge in all the ways and means,
  • So my dear students, parents and guardians as a STA Family.

Let us come together..Let us work together Let us create "NEW WORLD FOR OUR CHILDREN"


Director & Correspondent