Our School St. Thomas Academy originally named with the Patron of our School Called St. Thomas, the Apostle of Jesus Christ. He was the first one of the twelve to enter the Gospels practically unnoticed, leader of the silent, almost mute apostles.

He is also known and called as the "Twin" and his attachment to his Lord was so deep and authentic that, he dynamited his companisons, "let us also go with him and die with him"(John 11.16), perhaps he was envisaged to accompany Jesus to Mount Calvary, but the Lord escorted him to another Mount in Chennai, India, which is known as St.Thomas Mount, traditionally known as (PARANGI MALAI) and the Portuguese named it as "Mounte Grande".

He was also privileged to have a rich faith experience and a personal encounter at the feet of the Risen Lord, When he exclaimed the immortal profession of faith, "MY LORD AND MY GOD".

Our School St. Thomas Academy is blessed to bear the name of this saint Thomas as Patron of our school and I am sure all those children who study in our school will have brighter and better future with the patronage blessing of St.Thomas. I also would like to appeal to all the parents, and well wishers to visit this school and send your children to have a knowledgeable experience for their future life and we mold them in accumulating the real wisdom, discipline and moral values focusing on the socio-religious aspect.